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You are not alone

Every person comes to earth with soul goals and to gain life experiences. When you incarnate, a kind of ‘forgetfulness’ occurs, which causes you (the chosen lessons and your origin) to be largely forgotten. This is also called the illusion of separation. It serves the purpose of being able to learn lessons. Children often remember their origins or soul goals. But as they grow up and adopt views from society, this often becomes less.

The spiritual truth is that we are all one. We all come from the source that is light and love. And everyone is within, and in essence, Love. Your soul may have spent different lives within different atmospheres / realms. Within the different spheres you have worked on your personal and world mission and you (re) discover who you really are.

Our own Spirit Guides

We all have a “Spirit Guides” (or spiritual helpers) who are happy to help us and oversee our lessons and growth processes. In this way every person has at least two guardian angels. Often also one or more guides. Among the guides may also be a deceased loved one who has chosen to act as a guide for you. There may also be other loving energies such as unicorns, dolphin guides, masters and (arch) angels.

Your spirit guides can only help you when you ask for help.

Of course your guides always try to be there for you and always do something good for you. However, they may not just intervene. That is why your guide can only really help you when you ask for help. And the best part is that you can actually ask everything from your guide. Nothing is crazy and they want to do their best for everything. To inspire you, I would like to share the most common questions I ask my guides with you:

–        Can you give me an insight into my next step during the day?

–        Can you give me some positive energy?

–        Can you protect me energetically so that the energy of others no longer comes in?

–        Can you give me a nice idea about what I can eat tonight?

–        Will you help me fall asleep?

–        Can you calm my head?

–        Do you want to help me calm these emotions?

–        Can you give me insight into the blockade that is currently bothering me?

You can go on endlessly, because there is actually nothing you can’t ask for. To make it easy, it is nice not to put time pressure on your question. When I ask for an insight, I actually always ask if it can come during the day. Then you are not forced to pay attention and wait.

Connect with your Spirit Guide

At you can undergo various consultations in which you work with the various spiritual guides from the Light worlds. For example, working with loving energies, spirit guides, (arch)angels  and more.