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Which affiliate network drives the most to your site?


The Awin Affiliate Network is based on the last-click attribution model. This means that the affiliate network only rewards the last marketing touchpoint that lead to a conversion. All the other marketing touchpoints that led to your conversion will not be rewarded by this model. The Awin Affiliate Network is last-click attribution, meaning that anything from a click on an Awin affiliate to a long-term relationship with a brand does not change the way a business is rewarded for a conversion. So what about Awin attribution?


In the last-click attribution model, it seems as if Awin was solely responsible for a conversion. But this is not always the case. For instance, there could be a cashback or voucher promotion platform that captured the last click. As a result, marketers can mistakenly think that their true conversions are being generated by Awin. So what’s the right way to approach this? Let’s take a closer look at the last-click attribution method. It may seem like Awin is solely responsible for a sale, when that is rarely the case. When there are cashback or voucher promotion platforms in the Awin network, it can lead to a huge misinterpretation for marketers about where their true conversions are being generated. There is definitely no right answer to this question. However, marketers should take caution in using this type of allocation model. 

Google Analytics (GA), like Awin, uses the last-click attribution model. So all of the online conversions that you see in GA come from the most recent traffic source leading up to that conversion. Consequently, the same consequences occur as with Awin: paid search claims most of the completion tags in GA. Ah, Google Analytics! This is where all of your online conversions are tracked. And, unfortunately for you, these conversions are attributed based on the last visit. Traffic sources like paid search may seem like they’re generating tons of conversions, but because the last-click attribution model is so limited, it’s actually skewing your GA account. If you want to break through the singular attribution model used in your Analytics the easiest way to improve is by acquiring Odyssey Attribution in combination with the free Google Data Studio. The most common Data Studio attribution model is last-click attribution since Analytics runs on this model. With an Odyssey-powered Google Data studio connection you will be able to switch and compare between different attribution models anytime.