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The Benefits of Robotic Crawler for Water Blasting

After removing old coatings, rust, and corrosion, the ultra-high pressure blasting also eliminates deep-seated crystallized salt, resulting in a significant decrease in the chloride concentrations on the surface, as shown by thorough testing.

The first test period with this equipment included 25.000 m2 of simultaneous full and spot blasting, resulting in a 95 percent reduction in grit usage in regular production conditions. The biggest paint companies have made primers and coatings that stick well to surfaces that have been water-blasted. This is because they know that water blasting has many benefits.

How Does It Work?

Any surface angle may be cleaned by the Robotic Crawler thanks to its ability to adhere itself to the surface using suction. Our innovative procedure and equipment allow one operator to remove coatings at a pace of 350-550 sq. ft. per hour.

The same suction is used by the Robotic Crawler to collect 100% of the water, remove coatings and corrosion, and leave behind an ultra-clean, salt- and chloride-free surface.With no metal loss, the Vertidrive leaves a dry substrate with the original profile. Right after the crawler, the surface is ready to be coated, so each shift can be as productive as possible.

Afterwards, we use a vacuum source to remove any impurities that need to be controlled or processed for disposal from the removed corrosion, water, and coatings. As long as it’s below 10 parts per million (ppm), the water may be disposed of in sewer systems.

Optional Procedure

In addition, the Vertidrive Robotic Crawler may be equipped with a sweep head. All corrosion, oxidation, loose coatings, and other contaminants will be removed by the sweep head, which creates a tight substrate. This is a great product for cleaning cement and other concrete surfaces and re-coating them.

  • Robotic abrasive blasting has the potential to increase production rates by up to 70% over traditional (manual) abrasive blasting methods.
  • Ergonomic operation, reduced operator fatigue;
  • Robots can work continuously for up to 23 hours a day.
  • Waterblasting, with no abrasives or dust.
  • No abrasive recycling.
  • Polluted water is collected and ready for filtration.

About Vertidrive

When it comes to the manufacturing of magnetic robot crawlers, VertiDrive is the world’s top producer. Both the maintenance contractor and the asset owner save money by using this technology instead of hand blasting. Visit our website here.