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Office technology is too complex!

Office technology is way too complex

One in three office workers think that that most office technology is way too complex. That is the finding of workplace consultancy and office interiors design company Amos Beech.

Due to the the digital transformation, companies are flooded with new technologies that are intended to make the the daily work more efficient. Research under 6,045 European office workers show that office workers often find new technologies too complex, making the the work processes more complicated than they should. 26 percent of the UK employees indicate that they may not use company equipment because they do not know how to do so. 39% of workers choose to use their own devices instead of those of the organisation, because they are easier to operate. A quarter of office workers claim that the business equipment is not working, whare in fact it is, just so that they do not have to use the equipment.

The research shows a lack of experience of workers with the new technology: only 30 percent of respondents indicate that they  are sure enough to feel, for example, to organise an online conference call. Over 40% of European office workers say that easy-to-use and accessible technology would make their work much easier and more productive. Also, 36 percent say that they would be sharing more often information with colleagues in other departments with easy-to-use technology.

Sam James, Director of the Scottish Workplace Consultancy Amos Beech advises companies that want to digitise to take into account three things: “first, it is important for organisations to listen to their employees. If they fail to recognise the usefulness of the new technology, it is clear that more explanation is needed. In addition, good instructions are very important. Beware of thick manuals: that will work actually demotivating while good technology should be motivating employees to do their work more efficiently.”
Vincent Hartman, Marketing Manager at Amos Beech Interiors: “In the most ideal situation the use of the new technology will find it’s way itself and are instructions are not even necessary. Easy-to-use technology is developed with the “average” user in mind. “