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List of small scale business


List of small scale business


To ensure that people in cities feel comfortable, you can run a pest control service. You can offer your services to households and institutions. Since pest control and extermination services are provided from time to time, you will never be short of income.

 Start a car rental service

Some people are very independent and would always like to travel, on whatever continent they are, at any given time. This group of people would always like to rent cars when they come to new cities.


You can run a car rental service for visitors who prefer to drive themselves. You can provide both cheap and expensive rental cars, and you can also rent motorcycles and bicycles for every pocket. People come to the big cities regularly, so you’ll never miss the patronage.


Do the laundry

Laundry is a business that does laundry for its customers, and what better way to do laundry than in a big city where many busy employees don’t want to be bothered with dirty laundry. You can even print flyers and send them to offices and businesses that you know you can find customers in. You can offer delivery services to further satisfy your customers and set you apart from other laundry services.


Start a coffee shop

Cafes work well in big cities because many people are almost addicted to coffee. This is a good business that an entrepreneur who wants to make money can start. Location is key for this type of business; You need to be in an area that you have easy access to. However, if you do not have the money to build bricks and mortar, you can start a mobile/trolley coffee shop business. 


Open a water/amusement park

A water park is an amusement park with play areas such as swimming pools, waterslides, swallow edges, water play areas and lazy rivers, as well as areas for swimming, bathing and other places. Sandals – People are always busy and stressed in big cities and they will be grateful for where they can go and have fun with their family. Although it can be very capital intensive to set up a water park, you will definitely get a quick return on your investment if you market your park correctly and if your park has a lot of really interesting water features.


Open a gift shop

Thousands of tourists come to the big cities every year, which inevitably means that many people go home with gifts for family and friends. Opening a gift store is a good business idea and even a necessary service. Try to stand out from other travel stores by offering authentic merchandise rather than just selling regular items like T-shirts, key chains and mugs.


If possible, suggest items made by local artists and craftspeople, such as an artisan. Jewelry; postcards made from reproductions by local artists; local music CDs, etc. 


Roasting and selling specialty coffee

Maybe you’ve used old hot air popcorn to roast coffee for your friends and family and it worked out well.You can really make the transition from a home roaster to a full-fledged small business coffee roaster, all from your home.


To get started, you can choose and buy a cheaper coffee roaster, invest in some kind of packaging and packing equipment, free up space in your home, and choose the right green coffee.


You also need to know where to get your special green coffee. If your coffee is of good quality and you roast it to perfection, you will have little trouble selling your products. Your selling point in this business is freshness, so you should only roast the ones you can sell at a time.



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