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Laser Lair Removal Amsterdam

Laser Hair Removal Amsterdam Eraser of Unwanted Hair

There is nothing as irritating as unwanted hair. But thanks to advancement in technology, you can now remove it permanently. Laser hair removal Amsterdam works by beaming highly concentrated light into the hair follicles which kills the hair follicles and stops new hair from growing

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Amsterdam

  • It works fast and is very effective. With just a few treatment sessions, you are delivered from unwanted hair growth.
  • Treatment for laser hair removal in Amsterdam by Sensitif is relatively safe and painless. The first session might lead to a little discomfort, but, the rest of the sessions are almost painless.
  • The skin is not harmed by the laser procedure because the skin cools down more rapidly than the hair follicles.

Disadvantages Linked to Laser Hair Removal Amsterdam

  • Eye injuries- A laser procedure may cause eye injuries. So it is so crucial to wear glass eyewear that is UV resistant to protect your eyes.
  • Crusting- Improper performance of Laser treatment can cause crusting and creation of scab around the treated area.
  • Infection- It is very rare and occurs only when the area is not thoroughly cleaned before and after the treatment.
  • Alterations in skin colour and tone- A side effects of laser hair removal is the change in skin tone which is also referred to as “hyperpigmentation”.
  • Cost- The cost of this procedure is very high and so not many people can afford it.


Although laser hair removal is expensive, its pros far outweigh its cons. Sensitif is also a highly rated clinic, so you shouldn’t worry about the risks.