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International bodyguard services and protection

Acies International is a professional Dutch company that provides bodyguard services to high-end individuals. The company operates worldwide, providing executive protection to anyone who is in need of a personal bodyguard. Not only celebtrities and royal families, but also diplomats and businesses are provided with close protection services by this company. Are you travelling abroad, attending an event or VIP party soon and do you want to hire a personal bodyguard that can guarantee your safety? Find out all about their professional services by contacting them via the contact details on the website.

The professional services this company has to offer

By taking a look at their website you will learn that this company offers a variety of high-quality security. This includes protection services to all kinds of businesses, people and VIPs in many different environments. The company provides their professional bodyguard services to clients all around the world. Are you in need of a personal bodyguard? For example for a long trip abroad, or because you are attending a VIP event? You can rely on the professional employees of this company to keep you safe. The bodyguards are trained in protecting their clients at all times. They do this by continuously analyzing the situation. You are provided with a calm and experienced professional that will keep an eye out for your safety.

Contact the company for more information

Do you want to learn more about the professional bodyguard services this company provides? You will be assigned a personal bodyguard that matches your needs and wishes best. Take a look at their website and contact the company via the contact details to find out all about their services and prices. First an analyzation will be made to make sure you are provided with a bodyguard that suits your needs best.