Fix FIFA: Fans call FIFA 18 boycott during Black Friday in protest

With each annual delivery, the collection of the sports franchise ‘FIFA’ breaks molds in the sales lists. There are few brands with such a pull for the general public and has become one of the main generators of income for a company of the stature of EA. However, the last few weeks are being less mobile for the big publisher, as her growing focus on the micropayment model begins to annoy some users in particular.

The micro transaction in the spotlight

What happened with ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ is more or less known by everyone, but it is not the only community that has proposed an initiative to boycott the questionable practices of those responsible. Throughout the past few days, numerous protests have appeared claiming the deplorable state of the star modality of the title, FIFA: Ultimate Team.

The campaign has received the name of #FixFIFA and invites any possessor of ‘FIFA 18’ to ignore any type of promotion on Black Friday, within the title. The main reason for the protest is a series of problems that affect the connectivity, the use of different unfair practices in the matches, as well as an urgent balance and different glitches.

The controversy has also led to the investigation of different players, who have noticed how the construction of any type of competitive equipment seems almost impossible without using micropayments. There are methods to get good profits within the game itself, but it requires a high skill to get good rewards and a team at the level that normally requires a number of hours spent stratospheric.

The calculations point to hundreds of hours of play to get global stars in an integrated way, for a single player in a sport that is made up of teams of eleven. There is always the option of chance through the envelopes, but its parameters are too random, spending the players who win the rankings of best teams thousands of dollars to form them at ease. For FIFA 18 playing, you do not only need know the guide or tips of fifa 18, you also need know how to get fifa 18 coins or better fifa 18 players, which can help you have a stronger team and then to win more games.