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Different kind of psychic readings


Over the years, Barbara’s Psychic Mediums has managed to gather a very good group of psychic consultants around them. In addition to people who work as a clairvoyant medium, we also offer people who give psychic tarot readings or tell what the stars have in store for you. There are also many psychics who use clairvoyance and other ways to receive messages from the spirits. In addition, we offer people who work with spiritual guides, angels or the astral world. In this article we discuss in particular what a clairvoyant medium does and what the difference is, for example, with a clairvoyant psychic.

The difference between a medium and a psychic

The difference is that a medium can speak to spirits and deceased people, something that psychics and psychics can’t. However, a clairvoyant medium can, in addition to contact with spiritual entities, work with clairvoyance and other clear faculties. At Barbara’s Psychic mediums we work with very many types of consultants, including mediums and psychics with various skills. The clairvoyant medium can make both mental and physical contact with the higher world. As a customer you will mainly be confronted with the mental contact, whereby the medium communicates what is being told from the higher world.

Clairvoyant psychic medium

Clairvoyance is a term that is confused with mediumship. This is unjustified, because clairvoyance is more a means to feel energies. So it is certainly not the case that a clairvoyant, like a medium, perceives ghosts and deceased people. There are, however, people who work as clairvoyant medium. For example, they can visualize, hear, smell, feel or taste through a higher level of thinking or from the sixth sense. The things they perceive may have to do with the past, present and the future. We usually call people who can see into the future fortune tellers or clairvoyants, but also a clairvoyant medium can do this. The term clairvoyance or clairvoyance originates from French. “Clair” means “clear” and “voyance” means “vision”. It is often said that a person who uses clairvoyance has the ability to get telepathic information about objects, people, places, situations or other physical events. In addition, the information is not obtained through equipment or the physical use of the human senses, but through the sixth sense and the use of the senses on a spiritual level. This is also called extra-sensory perception (ESP). A person who works as a clairvoyant medium can also observe the higher beings, such as spirits, deceased people and other entities.

Get in contact with a psychic medium

There are multiple ways to get in contact with a psychic medium. One of the most popular ways is a psychic reading by phone. At Barbara’s Psychic Mediums we have a long history of satisfied callers. Whether you have questions about money, love, relationships, or need advice on a major issue in your life, our psychics work with you to give you the best reading possible.